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an assemblage of flowers which open and close at different hours of the day, thus indicating the time.

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Across the centuries, West Princes Street Gardens has been the man-made Nor' Loch, a private park and now a public garden with a fountain, theatre, the fabulous floral clock and important monuments.
For peace and space, stroll through Princes Street Gardens and visit the ever-pretty floral clock.
For peace and space stroll through Princes Street Gardens and visit the ever-pretty floral clock. And I dare you to try the Rose Street Challenge - drinking a pint at every bar along Edinburgh's Amber Mile, starting at Scott's and ending, 14 bars later, at the Abbotsford.
MULTAN -- City's big floral clock installed at Qasim Fort gate is waiting for repair for the last three years.
Under the train station, colourful shrubs depict a floral clock with the word "Neverland."
He had built there numerous statues of children, a floral clock, a petting zoo, a movie theater, and a private amusement park containing cotton candy stands, two railroads, a Ferris wheel, carousel, Zipper, Octopus, Pirate Ship, Wave Swinger, Super Slide, roller coaster, go-karts, bumper cars, a tipi village, and an amusement arcade.
The Friends of Morpeth Floral Clock group, founded by local Barbara Ross, says now that it has hit its fundraising target, the clock should be back in working order by this summer, in time for Morpeth's entry into the Britain in Bloom competition.
The family hope the donations will go towards the restoration of the floral clock in the grounds.
I argue that such verse treatments of plants and flowers participate in a larger, contemporary framework in which naturalists and poets explored and debated plants' movements, sentiency, and timekeeping mechanisms, particularly in relation to what became known as the Floral clock.
There are sunken gardens with reflecting pools, places for hiking and camping, gazebos for resting and picnicking, and a large floral clock duplicating the famous landmark clock in Berne, Switzerland.