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 (flôr′ĭs, -ēz)
An island of eastern Indonesia in the Lesser Sundas on the Flores Sea, between the eastern end of the Java Sea and the western end of the Banda Sea south of Sulawesi. The island came under Dutch influence in the 1600s, although the Portuguese held the eastern end until 1851.


1. (Placename) an island in Indonesia, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between the Flores Sea and the Savu Sea: mountainous, with active volcanoes and unexplored forests. Chief town: Ende. Area: 17 150 sq km (6622 sq miles)
2. (Placename) an island in the Atlantic, the westernmost of the Azores. Chief town: Santa Cruz. Area: 142 sq km (55 sq miles)


(ˈflɔr ɪs, -iz, ˈfloʊr- for 2; Port. ˈflɔ rɪʃ for 3 )

1. one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia, separated from Sulawesi by the Flores Sea. ab. 200,000 with adjacent islands; 7753 sq. mi. (20,080 sq. km).
2. the westernmost island of the Azores, in the N Atlantic. 55 sq. mi. (142 sq. km).
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The island in sight was Flores. It seemed only a mountain of mud standing up out of the dull mists of the sea.
Finally we stood to sea and bore away for San Miguel, and Flores shortly became a dome of mud again and sank down among the mists, and disappeared.
To explain the roster purge, the Dolphins made Flores available rather than general manager Chris Grier.
Cuello said he's lined up to fight for the WBC Silver championship in December but if a bout against Flores can be arranged, he'll make it a priority.
The 28-year Flores (24W-4L-1D, 17KO) will fight Penalosa (14W-1L, 7KO) for the International Boxing Organization World flyweight title, to be broadcast live on ESPN5 Philippines.
Flores said the damaged school building was for Grades 4 and 5 pupils.
"That impact is something we see every day," Flores said.
While heading under a train overpass, a large rock crashed through the windshield and struck Flores, who was sitting in the passenger seat.
What is important is what they intend to push for and the programs they wish to make and support)," said Flores.
A co-principal investigator of a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation that focuses on increasing faculty representation in STEM, Flores says that she is committed to ensuring that the field is diverse.
Lopez calls it "El soliloquio de Juan Carlos Flores" ("The Soliloquy of Juan Carlos Flores").