Florida Strait

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, Straits of also Florida Strait
A sea passage between Cuba and the Florida Keys, linking the Gulf of Mexico with the Atlantic Ocean.

Flor′ida Strait′

a strait between Florida, Cuba, and the Bahamas, connecting the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic.
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Their anecdotes spoke the truth about investing in Cuba: that opportunities abound but the challenges remain formidable in spite of the rosy pronouncements by governments on both sides of the Florida Strait.
Because crossing the Florida Strait on rickety rafts or dilapidated boats is so dangerous, and the chances of being caught by the Coast Guard are high, the flow of illegal migrants remained manageable.
She had unsuccessfully tried to swim the Florida Strait four times, mostly recently in 2012, the report said.
Emilio Bejel's autobiography, the story of a small-town Cuban boy who worked through his sexual, political and personal riddles on both sides of the Florida Strait, is no exception.
Their bones lie interred at Normandy, in Treblinka, in the Soviet gulags, in the Cambodian killing fields, in the waters of the Florida Strait.
Doing away with them would create an entirely different atmosphere across the Florida Strait and would expedite a solution.
This effect, used to monitor ocean currents in the Florida Strait, had been previously suggested as away to detect water movement triggered by earthquakes.
An anticyclonic meander of the Loop Current (LC), consisting of inflow through the Yucatan Channel and outflow through the Florida Strait, is the principal element of the Gulf of Mexico (GM) water circulation.
They will not tolerate a thaw over the Florida Strait as long as the Castros hold sway in Havana.
This is the square where for the five decades of his presidency, Fidel Castro ranted for hours against the American leadership across the Florida Strait, lectured visiting Soviet dignitaries on the virtues of Caribbean communist theory, and lectured his masses on the necessity to fight imperialism and its economic blockade trying to suck the very lifeblood of the Cuban people.

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