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Noun1.Florida key - a coral reef off the southern coast of FloridaFlorida key - a coral reef off the southern coast of Florida
Everglade State, FL, Florida, Sunshine State - a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
coral reef - a reef consisting of coral consolidated into limestone
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A foundation dedicated to bringing world class arts to the National Parks provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for Australian Multimedia Artist Anna Glynn and her partner, Biologist, Art Worker and Curator Peter Dalmazzo, to live for a month on a pristine isolated Florida key with its own old lighthouse.
Calhoun grabbed a backpack and stole money from the apartment before escaping out the window while naked, according to Florida Key News.
Porter JW, Kosmynin V, Patterson KL, Porter KG, Jaap WC, Wheaton JL, Hackett K, Lybolt M, Tsokos CP, Yanev G, Marcinek DM, Dotten J, Eaken D, Patterson M, Meier OW, Brill M, Dustan P (2002) Detection of coral reef change by the Florida Keys coral reef monitoring project.
US officials ordered people to evacuate the Florida Keys and were also considering evacuating 1, 000 US citizens in Grenada.
Charley's centre was expected to pass west of the Florida Keys yesterday before hitting the Tampa Bay area, dumping heavy rain and possibly spawning sporadic tornadoes.
Tourists have been ordered to evacuate part of the Florida Keys as Hurricane Bonnie and the stronger Hurricane Charley headed for the coast.
Georges, Florida Keys, Mississippi and Alabama, 1998, pounds 1.43 billion.
About 38% of the coral reefs in the Florida Keys have died in the past five years, according to marine ecologists Kathryn Patterson and James W.
Aaron lives in one of the planet's most diverse ecoregions--large geographical areas defined by features like type of soil, climate, and plant and animal communities: the Everglades and Florida Keys. "My family moved to the Keys because of its spectacular beauty," Aaron says.
The Florida Keys have more species of native trees-about 110-than any other location north of Mexico.
Incessant government intervention has made plenty of people in the Florida Keys as sore as Morgan.
In the Florida Keys, scientists have reintroduced several hundred lab-raised Diadema to patches of reef overgrown with algae.

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