Florida pompano

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Noun1.Florida pompano - found in coastal waters New England to Brazil except clear waters of West IndiesFlorida pompano - found in coastal waters New England to Brazil except clear waters of West Indies
pompano - any of several deep-bodied food fishes of western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
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Florida pompano, Trachinotus carolinus, have a dark greenish back, silver shaded side, a yellow-tinted stomach and a small mouth (good reason to fish with a small hook!).
They are raising Florida Pompano fish and have 360,000 in cages now.
The dish features a soft-scrambled egg topped with creme fraiche and caviar; handmade tagliolini pasta with compressed local heirloom melon (compressing the fruit gives it a silky-smooth texture); and pan-seared Florida pompano with baby fingerling potatoes, pearl onions and caviar beurre blanc.
Pfeiffer used Florida pompano in his most recent studies to determine the fish's response to low-salinity water at high density in recirculating systems.
The effects of dietary protein level on growth, feed efficiency and survival of juvenile Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus).
Abstract--Although the Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) is a prime candidate for aquaculture, the problematic production of juveniles remains a major impediment to commercial culture of this species.
The time is right and they're here for everyone, making the Florida pompano this month's best bet.
In Florida, there is interest in rearing saltwater Florida pompano in low-salinity water in order to diversify production to inland fish farms, bringing pompano fish stocks closer to consumers.
In addition, recreational anglers are permitted daily to take 10 permit per bag of combined permit and Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus).
At first glance, we thought the paper clip-size fish were Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) another member of the Carangidae or jack family.
People who know seafood know that cobia and Florida pompano are among the world's best.
The Florida pompano has long been a favorite of diners here and chefs with special recipes for this highly prized fish.

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