Flotation process

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1.A process of separating the substances contained in pulverized ore or the like by depositing the mixture on the surface of a flowing liquid, the substances that are quickly wet readily overcoming the surface tension of the liquid and sinking, the others flowing off in a film or slime on the surface, though, perhaps, having a greater specific gravity than those that sink.
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According to that kind of suggestion, we are interested what kind of influence have typeface, type size and leading in recycled printed samples, which were underwent the alkaline flotation process.
The influence of the ageing process on recycling efficiency of wastepaper is generally less studied than other unmentioned factors of the deinking flotation process. In the frame of our investigations in this area the process of natural and accelerated ageing of different formulations of the printing substrates and ink on stability of prints observed over relevant optical values as well as FT-IR spectroscopy has been studied.
Frothers play a fundamental role in the flotation process. According to the Schulman-Leja penetration theory (Leja and Schulman, 1954; Leja, 1956/1957), frother molecules are preferentially adsorbed at the water/air interface, and their interaction with the collector molecules adsorbed on mineral particles in the moment of the particle-to-bubble attachment is a vital step in the attachment process.
Perseverance was also a necessity during the flotation process and is required in business generally.
This is contrary to a typical coal flotation process where pine oil is a very popular frother.
Thus flotation process has been proved successful to reduce the impurities level of the ore significantly.
It is entirely up to the current shareholders of the company to decide how much money is raised and, according to the valuation attributed to the company, what percentage of the company is sold to the wider public through the flotation process.
the separation of inorganic matter, would be achieved through a reverse flotation process using an amine acetate type collector, Flotigam CA.
The prints used in the deinking flotation process were made on uncoated paper with conventional offset inks.
He believes the flotation process is now becoming more prolonged and is being accompanied by some in-house root and branch reform.
Abstract: The investigation results of the detaching mechanism of ink from the printing substrate in the deinking flotation process in dependence on the time of prints ageing and changes of substrate structure which appear in defined period are presented in this work.
Chief executive Matthew Davies said although the company had not started a flotation process or appointed advisors, it was looking at various ways of funding expansion, including a possible stock market flotation.