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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Envisioned by Executive Chef Thomas Flott, who has been at the helm of the kitchen for 14 years, Andiamo's new classic dining concept highlights the necessity for wholesome, delicious comfort food that will satisfy the busiest of travelers.
Naperville North, York at Kaneland Flott Invite, 9 a.m.
POD activity was measured spectrophotometrically (model PG Instrument + 80, (Leicester, UK), using the substrate guaiacol (Moerchbacher, Noll, Flott et al., 1988).
Other industries have been successful in understanding where to make improvements for consumers through data segmentation techniques that identify specific groups within the population (Flott et al.
This triplet with a very appealing name-FLOT in German (pronunciation flott) means quick or smart--is widely used in Germany in the palliative setting.
All the evidence isn't in yet, but I predict Capstone's sole goal in coming to Eugene was, to paraphrase Bob Flott (letters, Jan.
Flott is a long established German company with a brand name associated with high quality precision drilling machines used by a wide industrial customer base.
Flott, founder of SeaBridge, who has testified before Congress in support of the idea and may yet bring it to fruition.
Kurtosis is a measure of the relative peakedness of a distribution; it is a dimensionless value based on the shape of a single peak (Flott, 1995).
Dame Felicity (affectionately know as 'Flott') has a well deserved reputation for her love of and interpretation of Strauss songs, a selection here highlighting her superb control throughout, and clarity of text.