fluorescent lamp

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fluorescent lamp

1. (Electrical Engineering) a type of lamp in which an electrical gas discharge is maintained in a tube with a thin layer of phosphor on its inside surface. The gas, which is often mercury vapour, emits ultraviolet radiation causing the phosphor to fluoresce
2. (Electrical Engineering) a type of lamp in which an electrical discharge is maintained in a tube containing a gas such as neon, mercury vapour, or sodium vapour at low pressure. Gas atoms in the discharge are struck by electrons and fluoresce

fluores′cent lamp′

a tubular electric discharge lamp in which light is produced by the fluorescence of phosphors coating the inside of the tube.
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fluorescent lamp

fluo·res·cent lamp

A lamp that produces light by exciting the atoms of a mixture of argon gas and mercury vapor with electric current. Ultraviolet rays produced by the excited atoms strike a phosphor coating on the interior surface of the bulb, causing it to emit visible light. Fluorescent lamps are much more efficient than incandescent lamps because the excited atoms give off little of their energy as heat. Compare incandescent lamp.
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Noun1.fluorescent lamp - lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent materialfluorescent lamp - lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material; mercury vapor in the tube emits ultraviolet radiation that is converted to visible radiation by the fluorescent material
lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination
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If a fence tester is not available, you can improvise by either holding a two or four-foot flourescent tube to each conductor at dusk, and do not touch electrodes.
What tumbled out of the box was a collection of white-painted sheet-metal parts, a ballast with three short black wires running out of it, two flourescent tube sockets (one with two short black wires and one with three), a little plastic bag containing a few sheet-metal screws, and a 3-1/2 by 8-1/2-inch instruction card.
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