Flower piece

A table ornament made of cut flowers.
(Fine Arts) A picture of flowers.

See also: Flower, Flower

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It is just the fourth time she has been seen in a tiara, having used the Cartier Halo at her wedding in 2011 and twice worn the Lotus Flower piece.
A raffle will be held in aid of the Sunshine Fund, to win the finished flower piece.
Colen's Untitled (Blow Me) is a still life with candle and quill pen which could be a detail from a Disney cartoon, while Bell's untitled flower piece seems to hanker after art's naive backwaters.
Spaendonck was professor of flower painting at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, and could move comfortably from a full scale Salon flower piece brimming with light and shadow to a five centimetre bouquet painted on the top of a Sevres porcelain snuffbox.
Above: A detail of one of Marc Wayland's portraits' Suzanne Hale's photographs show textiles getting under the skin' Michael Brannand-Wood's exuberant flower piece
Approaching the chocolate room on the Ikon's first floor you go past a flower piece and the apple tree, both of which have their own distinctive perfumes.
In New York on 22 April, Sotheby's offered the Weldon collection where half of the top 10 lots of this collection of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters were fruit or flower pieces.
Later, many of them poured torn flower pieces on him as a blessing for an auspicious future.
2 Nip buds and flower pieces from long stalks, and lay out pattern on fleece.
The other important influence, especially on the early work, is Matthew Smith, whose mark is clearly to be seen on some female nudes and semi-nudes, as well as possibly a couple of flower pieces.
With 44 brightly colored interchangeable pieces, including 24 flower pieces, 16 stem and leaf pieces, and 4 bases, budding preschoolers can stack and build vibrant petunias, daisies, lilies or their own varietal all year long.
I quite enjoy painting musicians and I've a few contemporary flower pieces which I've been working on.