Flowering plants

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plants which have stamens and pistils, and produce true seeds; phenogamous plants; - distinguished from flowerless plants.

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Of flowering plants there are, as far as at present is known, 185 species, and 40 cryptogamic species, making altogether 225; of this number I was fortunate enough to bring home 193.
If this character were owing merely to immigrants from America, there would be little remarkable in it; but we see that a vast majority of all the land animals, and that more than half of the flowering plants, are aboriginal productions It was most striking to be surrounded by new birds, new reptiles, new shells, new insects, new plants, and yet by innumerable trifling details of structure, and even by the tones of voice and plumage of the birds, to have the temperate plains of Patagonia, or rather the hot dry deserts of Northern Chile, vividly brought before my eyes.
In the foreground were box-bordered walks, smooth, sleek lawns, and formal beds of gorgeous flowering plants, while here and there marble statues of wood nymph and satyr gleamed, sparkling in the brilliant sunlight, or, half shaded by an overhanging bush, took on a semblance of life from the riotous play of light and shadow as the leaves above them moved to and fro in the faint breeze.
Here and there were flowering plants, unknown to me; here and there I saw snakes, and one raised his head from a ledge of rock and hissed at me with a noise not unlike the spinning of a top.
The mountain seemed, for the most part, rugged, bare, and sterile; yet here and there it was clothed with pines, and with shrubs and flowering plants, some of which were in bloom.
An hour later found us in the time-rounded gullies of the hills, amid the beautiful flowering plants that abound in the arid waste places of Barsoom.
Two large orange-trees, now fragrant with blossoms, threw a delicious shade; and, ranged in a circle round upon the turf, were marble vases of arabesque sculpture, containing the choicest flowering plants of the tropics.
Flowering plants need regular feeding with a high potash feed like a tomato feed.
Drawing information from herbaria within Illinois, in surrounding states, and in national archives, Mohlenbrock continues his work on the multi-volume comprehensive flora of the state of Illinois with a second volume on the family Asteraceae, which is the ninth volume on dicotyledonous flowering plants, or dicots.
The event featured more than 100 flowering plants of local and imported species, including Zenia, Patunia, Snap Dragon, Clarkia, Fareezia and Geranium.
School inside a garden' revived !-- -- Janvic Mateo (The Philippine Star) - December 20, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Department of Education (DepEd) has revived its School Inside a Garden (SIGA) program that aims to establish nurseries of endemic and indigenous trees and flowering plants in public schools nationwide.