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n.1.(Mining) Soft clayey matter in the vein, or surrounding it.
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He said that Itraconazole (brand name Sporanox) and Fluconazole (brand name Flucan or Diflucan) are safer alternatives to treat fungal infection over a longer time without having side effects on the liver.
Table I: Examples recent injectable drug counterfeiting cases Drug Indication Company Annual sales ($ million) Aranesp Anaemia Amgen 416 Combivir HIV GSK 882 Difl flucan Antifungal Pfi fizer 1,112 Epogen Anaemia Amgen 2,216 Levaquin Bacterial infections PSGA Neupogen Neurtopenia, Amgen 1,300 Acute myelogia Nutropin AQ Growth hormone Genentech deficiency Procrit Anaemia PSGA 4,269 Remicade Chron's disease, RA Centocor 540 Retrov ovir HIV GSK 337 Risperdal Dementia Ortho McNeil 2,146 Serostim AIDS Serono 89 Zyprexa Schizophrenia Lilly 2,689
As already mentioned, copper ore was found in two modes: in rich masses and veins, sometimes with spectacular crystals of chalcocite and bornite, and in the so-called flucan, or fault gouge, filling.