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a.1.Pertaining to a fluid, or to its flowing motion.
Fluidal structure
(Geol.) the structure characteristic of certain volcanic rocks in which the arrangement of the minute crystals shows the lines of flow of thew molten material before solidification; - also called fluxion structure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Analysis of these results indicates that the size of the uterus and babies' weight could be acting as critical and complementary factors in influencing the progressive increase in the fluidal height.
solanacearum characteristics (fluidal and irregular with red or pinkish red centres and whitish periphery) were counted and bacterial count of 10 (10) CFU/ml was observed.
The danshiki is the most fluidal traditional attire.
The population of tephra is composed by four different types of ash fragments: (i) fluidal, (ii) coarsely vesicular, (iii) spongy fine vesicular, and (iv) blocky (Figure 8(b); [93]), generated by different fragmentation processes during the eruption.
The virulent colonies appeared well-separated, irregular fluidal, dull white colored with slight pink centre and non-virulent colonies appeared dark red on TZC media.
Generally, it is classified into two main groups based on the mode of transmission; the "SFR" (small, fluidal, round) and "A" (Amazon basin) strain and the "B" (banana) strain (Supriadi, 2005).
5) are usually angular and show different textures, from fluidal with phenocrysts of forsteritic olivine, to highly vesicular scoriaceous.
Marked fluidal structures could be observed in the glass material.
Partiendo de la base de dicha secuencia se describe: 1) Ignimbrita con textura ignimbritica fluidal con fiames de obsidiana, fragmentos liticos no juveniles de lavas andesiticas, fragmentos liticos juveniles de andesitas, cristales de plagioclasa y piroxenos.