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tr.v. quenched, quench·ing, quench·es
1. To put out (a fire, for example); extinguish.
2. To suppress; squelch: The disapproval of my colleagues quenched my enthusiasm for the plan.
3. To slake; satisfy: Mineral water quenched our thirst.
4. To cool (hot metal) by thrusting into water or other liquid.

[Middle English quenchen, from Old English -cwencan (in ācwencan, to quench).]

quench′a·ble adj.
quench′er n.
quench′less adj.
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Noun1.quenching - the act of extinguishingquenching - the act of extinguishing; causing to stop burning; "the extinction of the lights"
ending, termination, conclusion - the act of ending something; "the termination of the agreement"
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n. acción de terminar; acabando por tomar agua para apagar, saciar la sed.
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The commonly used fluorescence quenching agents, such as ammonia-ethanol, Sudan Black B, and borohydride, were examined in bone marrow, myocardium, and cartilage paraffin tissues by Baschong et al.
With the increase of phloridzin concentration, the static fluorescence quenching of [alpha]-glucosidase could be observed.
The collisional fluorescence quenching is described by the Modified Stern-Volmer equation, equation 4 [37]:
Diurnal changes in photochemical efficiency, the reduction state of Q, radiation less energy dissipation, and non-photochemical fluorescence quenching in cacti exposed to natural sunlight in northern Venezuela.
Xie's research group developed a simple label-free method for the selective and sensitive detection of [Hg.sup.2+] based on fluorescence quenching of AuNCs-BSA triggered by [Hg.sup.2+] - [Au.sup.+] interactions [14].
The Kinetics of DNA Condensation by [alpha]-PrP Measured by the Fluorescence Quenching of YOYO Dye Using Stopped-Flow Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
But the good optical properties of rhodamine only appear in dilute solvents, when it is in high concentration or solid state, fluorescence quenching occurs because of the aggregate of rhodamine molecules.
The fluorescence quenching measurements were performed using Cary Eclipse Fluorescence spectrophotometer.
Mechanism of Fluorescence Quenching. While the pH, temperature, and ionic strength were kept as constants, the types of fluorescence quenching could be classified into two categories: dynamic quenching and static quenching [20].
Additionally, we introduced two validation methods to avoid false positives: a thermal shift assay (TSA) to check PPAR[beta]/[delta] tertiary structure stabilization by the hit candidates, indicating direct binding to the protein, followed by an ANS fluorescence quenching assay to determine the compound/extract affinity for the PPAR[beta]/[delta] hydrophobic pocket.
2-((8-Hydroxyquinolin-2-yl)methylene)-5-oxo3-phenylpyrazolidin-2-ium-1-ide 4 represents a bifunctional chemosensor demonstrating a pronounced "naked-eye" colorimetric effect for [Ni.sup.2+] cation detection and fluorescence quenching in the presence of [H.sup.+], [F.sup.-], and [CN.sup.-] ions.

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