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 (flo͝o-rŏm′ĭ-tər, flô-, flō-)
An instrument for detecting and measuring fluorescence.

fluo·rom′e·try n.
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(ˌflʊəˈrɒmɪtə) or


1. (General Physics) an instrument for inducing fluorescence by irradiation and for examination of the emission spectrum of the resulting fluorescent light
2. (General Physics) a device for detecting and measuring ultraviolet radiation by determining the amount of fluorescence that it produces from a phosphor
fluorometric, fluorimetric adj
ˌfluoˈrometry, ˌfluoˈrimetry n
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(flʊˈrɒm ɪ tər, flɔ-, floʊ-)

an instrument for measuring fluorescence, often as a means of determining the nature of the substance emitting the fluorescence.
fluor•o•met•ric (ˌflʊər əˈmɛ trɪk, ˌflɔr ə-, ˌfloʊr ə-) adj.
fluo•rom′e•try, n.
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an instrument for measuring the emission of radiation in the form of visible light and identifying the substance that is its source. — fluorometric, adj.
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an instrument for measuring the emission of radiation in the form of visible light and identifying the substance that is its source. — fluorometric, adj.
See also: Radiation
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Like a fluorimeter the fluorescent light can be detected using monochromatic illumination and for the first time ever an [DELTA]Ezero can be calculated to predict how the colour will change when fluorescence has degraded.
The combination of a spectrophotometer with a fluorimeter opens up completely new perspectives to control color quality and guaranteed color stability.
Library was quantified with Qubit fluorimeter and library size distribution was measured with Agilent Bioanalyser.
Specifically, the FWS fluorimeter integrates Spectrolight's tungsten halogen lamp, Mighty Light, together with its award-winning Flexible Wavelength Selector to provide high power, tunable monochromatic beam for excitation The detection part uses a high signal-tonoise CCD for fast and sensitive detection of fluorescence.
The fluorescence spectra and lifetime were obtained with a FLS980 time-resolved fluorimeter with grating blazed at 1820 nm and detected using a Hamamatsu InSb.
These methods require liquid cultures and involve estimation of lipid content in yeasts using the expensive fluorescent dye Nile Red and a fluorimeter, and, as a result, these methods are limited by the rapid quenching of the fluorescence.
All 3 enzymatic activities were measured with a plate-reader fluorimeter using the fluorimetric substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-a-glucoside.
For the Zika project, researchers developed a novel algorithm that allows a smartphone sensor to act as a fluorimeter, detecting QUASR LAMP light signals if they appear.
The emission spectra were acquired on Cary Eclipse/Varian Fluorimeter by using quartz cuvets (3 mL) containing solution of the ligand or complex in a 5.0 X [10.sup.-5] M.