Flush bolt

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A screw bolt whose head is countersunk, so as to be flush with a surface.
A sliding bolt let into the face or edge of a door, so as to be flush therewith.

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The annular bolt face that used to encircle the cartridge head and a plunger ejector are gone; in their place is a flush bolt face -- the bottom half of the face anyway -- and an extractor that allows the top round in the magazine to become captive to the extractor as it clears the feed rails, just like on a Mauser, Ruger 77 MK II, or a Winchester Model 70 Classic.
"The machining center cuts slots for hinges, locks, flush bolts and other hardware," Reichwald says.
Double-timber French doors have three-point security locking and flush bolts. You will need to prepare your own base, but there are no brick walls to be built.