Flush deck

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any continuous, unbroken deck from stem to stern.
(Naut.) See under Deck, n., 1.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Montgomery's movement to follow me released my attention, and I turned and looked about me at the flush deck of the little schooner.
The Finnish yard offers two versions: an FD or flush deck, and an S version that refers to a raised saloon.
HMS Leamington began life in 1915 and was one of the 50 ex-USN "flush deck" destroyers given to the Royal Navy during the Second World War.
The vessel features a flush deck design and is equipped with an onboard heating system to maintain consistent cargo temperatures of 160 degrees F.
A third issue is the way flush deck junction boxes were constructed.
* Dollies--Wood, steel, or plastic deck dollies with rubber cap, carpet, and flush deck options;
Its flush deck gave it more space for artillery; its speed was equally suited to catching merchantmen or outrunning pursuers; its shallow draft allowed it to slip through the shifting sandbanks of the Flemish coast.
Platinum has spacious interiors worthy of a superyacht, while her especially wide side decks, flush deck hatches and direct access from helm station to the aft cleats make movement on deck easier and safer.
The flush deck features an oversize storage hatch at the bow for an anchor or personal flotation devices.
The third hull from Southern Wind's 83-foot mini-series, which can be flush deck or have a raised saloon, as seen on Ammonite, will be aiming to replicate the success of SW82 FD Grande Orazio, which has captured top honours in some of the world's most important superyacht regattas.
The forward seating tapers to the liner wall, allowing flush deck access all the way to the bow.