Fly board

(Printing Press) the board on which printed sheets are deposited by the fly.

See also: Fly

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For active Luxe Dads, they can go on a two-hour private snorkeling trip with the resident marine biologist in the house reef, private tennis lessons, one-hour fly board or private jet-ski lesson.
For the more adventurous, the island also offers the crazily fast hover board, the sci-fi jetpack, and the adrenaline inducing fly board. To cap it all off, an exclusive semi-submarine is also available for use, which allows guests to dive deep into the Indian Ocean and see for themselves the beautiful Noonu Atoll.
Aspire Zone is also inviting the public on September 25 for water sport shows, including fly board, jet ski, and waterboarding exhibitions.
HCC has refused to say how much it cost to take stands at overseas shows, or the bill to fly board members and staff out there, put them up in hotels and pay for meals.
QMSF has also planned to host Jet ski races, Junior Hydroplane marathons, Fly board and Pleasure Boat events this season.
There were no fly boards on site, which are sticky and catch flies, and a manager was not aware of any monitoring procedures.