Fly flap

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Incidentally; A Fly Flap is a window escape hatch designed specifically for trapped flies.
Cork, Ireland, May 26, 2012 --( Fly Flaps & Other Inventions, (ISBN 978-1477488195) is a self published book by Bill O'Riordan that includes descriptions and explanations for some 200 ideas, concepts and patentable inventions he has had over the years, and he believes that some of them could be viable opportunities for anyone who reads the book.
Bill adds that Fly Flaps & Other Inventions (ISBN 978-1477488195) is like a set of “elevator pitches” he would give if he owned his own Venture Capital fund, and if he ever does get his hands on such a fund he will certainly invent something.
The chastening hand of courts and law enforcement agencies turned into a fly flap, President Almazbek Atambaev said at the meeting of the Defense Council today.
How can the fruit fly flap its wings at such a high frequency?