Fly hook

a fishhook supplied with an artificial fly.

See also: Fly

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I settled on the Mustad 94840 Dry Fly Hook in #8 and #10.
Originally weighted with lead wire at the head to make it sink quickly, now there is a head specifically designed for the Jiggy, called the Jiggy Head, and there are dozens of metal "head cones" on the market to affix to the front of a fly hook to sink the pattern like a jig.
Sometimes you see someone who can hardly cast a fly hook land a salmon while expert anglers have blanked.
PROMISING: Prydie FLY HOOK Another try from Hook lifts the mood in Cardiff WARMING TO THE ITALIAN JOB: James Hook is in for a try as Wales end their campaign on a high
The BAA executive states he had never heard of a case where the fly hook had caused damage to someone's eye.
First I hear about a great gig by singer Fish, Louis' pal gets a fly hook stuck in his leg, then I scoff haddock and chips - as a dessert.
For example, if your fly hook has a half-inch gap, figure on making the finished loop %-inch long (start with about a 3-inch strand of mono).
"Rather than using a whole waxy, I pinch it in half and slide a tiny fly hook inside the cavity--usually a #16 to #22 Mustad Scud hook.
One fish over 18 pounds, after a 10 minute fight, made it to a tree root and nailed my fly hook there some 3 feet down on the tree.
Crush the barb of your fly hook to make the job easier.
You're going to learn fly tying, which fish come out in which season, and probably how to make more effective fly hooks than any mass-produced plastic thing.
And he turned round to see a bull standing there with the fly hooked in its ear.