Fly leaf

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an unprinted leaf at the beginning or end of a book, circular, programme, etc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I cheekily sent him a suggestion for the fly leaf and he responded with his characteristic humour!
Then he paused and started to write on the inside fly leaf. There was complete silence and hardly any movement in the room while he was doing this.
"We've got my grandfather's World War I Army-issue King James Bible "It has his serial number, name and regiment written in his own handwriting on the fly leaf.
Cloth, $49.95--The theme of this book is nicely stated on the fly leaf: "[This book] overturns traditional interpretations of James II's reign and the origins of the Glorious Revolution [of 1688].
I can't help feeling a tug when I read my daughter's first attempt at writing her name scrawled in crayon on the back of a nursery rhyme glossary or a boyfriend long gone sending their love on a fly leaf.
Unlike the wood pellet which is entirely cellulosic, the industrial pellet is made from any or all of the following non-recyclables: coated mill wrappers, plastic coated cups, polycoated kraft, pressure sensitive labelstock, plastic sindow and envelope cuttings, coated tube and core stock, waxed cup cuttings, polylaminated scrap, bookbinding waste, polycoated box board, fly leaf shavings with hot melt, waxed corrugated, polycoated diaper stock, wet strength scrap, polycoated slab stock, coated butt ends, carbon forms, photograph paper waste, flexible packaging waste, and photographic films.
I know him then for a stranger or an intimate, and in the back fly leaf of my copy are written the names of ten people (I like to keep a record of those to whom I loan the books I most like) and only two of these caught you--your style that so perfectly--more than poetry--catches the rhythm, the ebb and flow, the thought that fringes every act, and the past that is always an overtone.
The black Roman text is set within red rules and under red titles; the white watermark cover illustration of early modern readers reveals the readers in a positive black image on the fly leaf. A delightful design element revealed under a reading lamp are "watermarks" of pointing fingers and the word "NOTA," along with other readers' marks identified in essays and catalogue items, all replicated intermittently in the margins of the whole volume.
Egotism: A Meditation Penciled on the Back Fly Leaf of Tom Clark's Biography of Charles Olson
Affixing the barcode to the book's fly leaf or inside cover is a less-desirable option, because it requires extra movement to open the book.
The claim by the publishers on the fly leaf that he 'offers the first comprehensive theoretical analysis of US foreign policy toward Africa in the post war era' need not be a discouragement to readers.