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Imagine looking at a floating fly line lying on the ocean's surface.
For example, turning up the activity on a set of neurons in one fly line caused the flies to jump, while doing so on another line caused male flies to court.
Capture, in a single lot, of technical and logistical support services and a Training type turnkey in favor of the fly line AW 139 helicopter of the Guardia di Finanza.
All seemed lost after the fly line got wrapped round a stone.
Cwm Hedd Lakes 01633 896854 or 07813 143034 Saturday's 40mph winds didn't stop Paul Elsworthy casting a black emerger fly on a ghost tip fly line and catching 11 trout.
Once you lay the fly line on the water, you must make numerous small "mends" to the line to adjust to wind and other forces.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed was briefed on the fly line and fighter aircraft show at King Fahd Air Base in Taif during his visit to the base to inspect UAE personnel participating in the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen.
This month's draw winner is Mr Tony Earl, of Newton Aycliffe, who wins an Airflo 40+ extreme fly line worth PS40.
Hoppel was present in 100 percent of a captive fly line started in 2006 in Mumbai, India, for example, and 55 percent of flies descended from those gathered in Oahu, Hawaii, in 1955.
Steve Lynas from Bishop Auckland won the Rio fly line for the biggest trout caught in July - a 9lb 12oz rainbow.
We often lose sight of that; we want to cast for distance, to control all the fly line.
Because the ridges running the length of the line are so small, the line feels and handles like a normal fly line, but is considerably stronger.