Fly paper

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poisoned or sticky paper for killing flies that feed upon or are entangled by it.
paper covered with a sticky preparation, - used for catching flies.

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One way to get rid of them is to vacuum them up as you see them; another is to hang fly paper near windows as they come out during warm spells.
Unlike in their recent martial ventures, the Germans won, resulting in veneration of the narrow, to the point of people believing they can actually argue themselves into becoming hippos, masterworks such as the not inconceivable Roumanian Fly Paper as a Transmogrifying Metaphor of Imaginary Vaginal Metachronological Stasis During Intermittent Turkish Penetrations, and essential fields such as feminist glaciology.
There then ensued a full and frank appraisal of all the things that she had managed to stow away on board, like the John Lewis spiraliser ("for our dinner parties"), the stainless steel ice bucket, the garden gnome, the electric fly-swatter ("in case the three boxes of fly paper don't catch all the little critters") and, of course, the GHD hair-straighteners.
Barker I learned, as Jim Ferris so eloquently put it, to fly paper airplanes.
Her most extreme cases include whinges about a pair of Topshop leggings with a baggy crotch, the lack of dates in Dorset cereals and fly paper that wasn't sticky enough.
Andrew Spielman analyzed all the ticks we provided from our local bird captures and wild mice, whose shed ticks we collected from their ingeniously designed nesting boxes lined at the bottom with sticky fly paper.
As summer approaches, he and his team construct a super-sized fly paper to catch insects, witness a frog migration and stake out a badger sett, which was "a bloody nightmare".
A TYPICAL British Isles village used to consist of a church, a post office, one red old style telephone kiosk, a sign posted crossroads a corner shop selling sticky fly paper, a smallholding selling eggs, sometimes a railway station, some times a duck pond, sometimes a stone bridge over a river, but always an inn, or even two inns, with a fire in the hearth.
Experienced skiers flock to the run known as the Fly Paper, often thought of as the steepest and most thrilling black-graded runs in Britain.
If fly paper or fly spray don't work, why not try a fly swatter?