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The art or hobby of making artificial fishing flies.

fly′-ti′er (-tī′ər) n.
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Run in conjunction with BASC they'll be covering an introduction to the conservation of Salmon and the management of a fishing beat, river safety as well as getting the kids out bug hunting, a bit of fly tying and then putting the flies to good use on the river for trout.
Hands-on fly tying instruction for novice and experienced tiers.
Also back by popular demand, the Fly Tying Throwdown (a highlight at the Tampa Expo last October), scheduled for Saturday, Feb.
Fly tying lesson DUE to increasing popularity the Vale of Clwyd Angling Club will be providing free fly tying tuition, at Denbigh Fire Station opposite Morrison's supermarket.
The event attracted visitors from around the UK who came to see some of the best tackle producers, fly tying brands, fishing outfitters, professional casting demonstrations and expert fly fishing tuition.
The Guild promotes and encourages fly tying in all its forms and is open to all those interested in fly tying from novice to experienced fly tier.
Pura Naturals offers flies and other fishing supplies, fly tying instructional DVD's, bath and body products and household cleaning products.
Other activities in the fourth annual free event include archery for kids, fly tying and build-your-own lure, laser shot shooting, camp cooking and treasure hunting with metal detectors.
The non-profit organization PHWFF is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of injured and disabled active-duty military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing, fly tying and associated educational and experiential activities.
Periodically, kids came to Kukonen's Green Street shop, trading gray and red squirrel tails for fly tying lessons and exotic materials.
Award-winning fisherman and fly tier Chris Helm presents the Hooked on Fly Tying high-definition DVD series, designed especially to teach fellow fishermen of all skill and experience levels how to craft professional-quality fish lures.