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The art or hobby of making artificial fishing flies.

fly′-ti′er (-tī′ər) n.
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Fly Tying and Entomology: From Friday through Sunday, the DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers (DRiFT) will be teaching kids and adults the fine art of fly tying.
VALE of Clwyd Angling Club will be providing free fly tying tuition sessions again this winter.
The Guild promotes and encourages fly tying in all its forms and is open to all those interested in fly tying from novice to experienced fly tier.
A simple tail of green or blue-over-white bucktail and some Flashabou or Crystal Flash, 2MM fly tying foam, XXL size pearl Mylar tubing, dome or decal eyes, and 5-minute epoxy (or clear Plastidip) are the materials.
Lake Solano County Park, 6 miles west of Winters, at 8685 Pleasants Valley Road, will offer fly casting, fly tying, and trout fishing.
All three were presented with at bottle of Loch Lomond Signature malt whisky courtesy of the Loch Lomond Group, Glencairn Crystal ware and fly tying material from Fly Tying Scotland.
The non-profit organization PHWFF is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of injured and disabled active-duty military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing, fly tying and associated educational and experiential activities.
Award-winning fisherman and fly tier Chris Helm presents the Hooked on Fly Tying high-definition DVD series, designed especially to teach fellow fishermen of all skill and experience levels how to craft professional-quality fish lures.
Casting and Fly-tying Classes Dry Fly Academy with Nate Brumley, all levels; Fly Tying with Joe Cordeiro, intermediate; Advanced Nymph Fishing Techniques with Jason Randall.
It's sponsored by McKenzie Flyfishers, the Cascade Family Flyfishers and Damsel Flies, and offers casting and fly tying for beginners and a catch-and-release pond with rainbow trout.
It will include fly tying to the mechanics of catching a fish.
COARSE ANGLING DIARY TOMORROW and Sunday local angling clubs including Carlisle and Penrith Angling Associations, together with angling-related bodies, will be running casting and fly tying competitions and other have-a-go activities at the Lowther Game and Country Fair.