a.1.(Zool.) Having the habit of catching insects on the wing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In 1912, 12-year-old new Irish immigrant William Alton is determined to win Hamilton's fly-catching competition and help rid the city of diseases.
I bought two fly-catching plants but they aren''''t working.
With the current deluge of dreary storylines making Geordie Shore better viewing, it's a good job Kat is back with her fly-catching perma-expression to liven things up again.
This provides a bridge for the spider to cross by, enabling it to drop other threads to form the radii of the web, which it completes with the sticky fly-catching spiral thread.
When did you last hang those sticky fly-catching brown papers from your kitchen ceiling, or, indeed, clean your windscreen of dead flies?
In my greenhouse a large black spider set up his fly-catching gear months ago.
He was rambling on about his time with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his teammate Zack Wheat, his battles with a Boston Red Sox World Series pitcher named Babe Ruth and his fly-catching and bird-under-his hat days.
TONGUE TIED: Right, chameleon fly-catching (Martin Harvey, winner, Animal Portraits); above left, pelicans dive-fishing, Florida (Chris Gomersall, runner-up, From Dusk To Dawn); top left, leatherback turtle and remoras (Michael Patrick O'Neill, Gerald Durrell Award)
"He's actually fly-catching. I don't think I've ever seen a brown creeper fly-catching."
The shortstop is generally the best infielder on the team and if his fly-catching skills are as good as his ground-ball catching skills, he should top the infielders on the priority list.
Apart from keeping her voice pitched at an adenoidal drone and her jaw hanging at an angle of perfect fly-catching openness, Kathy also had to disguise the most obvious indicators of her sex.
Fly-catching devices are being attached to car number plates in order to record the number of flies actually hit.