Flying level

(Civil Engin.) a reconnoissance level over the course of a projected road, canal, etc.

See also: Flying

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If the plane is flying level, but you think it is heading down, you may pull back on the yoke and put the plane into a stall.
Goggles worn over the pilot's eyes flashed lights to wake him up while armbands placed underneath their suits buzzed when the plane was not at flying level.
The jet stream is expected to build at flying level - 30,000ft above the ocean.
Book cruise numbers and the experience flying level with the 180-HP Scout confirmed my initial opinion about adding power to the Scout--the extra power of the Denali would generate impressive climb performance but not much extra cruise speed.
You're flying along and just turn around on your longitudinal axis, ending up flying level and straight again.
Consolidation of revised techniques at formal training units can build upon traditional methods learned at the undergraduate flying level yet leverage specific aircraft capabilities to help establish foundational skillsets that will enhance student performance during initial qualification.
Even when 343 stumbles, such as bookending the campaign with two jarring quick time events, or introducing a flying level late on that has seemingly been beamed in from the end of Return of the Jedi, you can forgive it because it gets so much right.
In this SD illusion, obscured vision, acceleration, and the orientation of the pilot's head (looking upward) conspire to tell the pilot's inner ear the airplane is climbing when it is actually flying level. To correct the situation, the pilot pushes the stick forward and begins to dive into the ground (as shown by the glimpse of horizon through the clouds).
For example, flying level at 100 knots in a high-performance plane with flaps up often results in an uncomfortably high pitch attitude.
Now that I was sure we'd be flying level for awhile I took my parachute back off and made my way through the bomb bay, which was still loaded with bombs.