Flying shot

a shot fired at a moving object, as a bird on the wing.

See also: Flying

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If he had only kept his head, he could have taken a flying shot at the man with the marmalade-pot.
They caught fleeting glimpses of each other and chanced flying shots which were without result.
The Hells's Angels became Sabre Slayers by the time the war ended as the formation in which Soares was flying shot down three Sabre jets of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in what came to be known as one of the top five battles of modern jet era.
ITALY led with the winner, describing Tom Rogic's goal as "a beautiful flying shot which made Hampden Park explode".
56 minutes: Cisse tests Al-Habsi with a flying shot after Marveaux's fine run.
Young midfielder Al Hardan picked up Mahmood Abdulrahman's corner-kick and sent a flying shot into the far left corner of Iraq goalkeeper and skipper Noor Sabri.
CUP HEROES: Cardiff City meet Chelsea in an FA Cup sixth round replay in 1927 - Last minute drama as City cling on to their 3-2 lead at Ninian Park - Bob Turnbull of Chelsea takes a flying shot at goal in the dying minutes but a save from unseen goalkeeper Tom Farquhar son
Andy van der Meyde should have made them pay when Johnson found him with a clever cross, but his flying shot went wide.
Mr Etheridge was injured on his forehead by flying shot.
If I moved to shoot he would be gone, and so much movement was required I would be unlikely to get even a chancy running or flying shot. But right now he was standing in the middle of a little lane, staring straight ahead.
Most of the poses are fine but, if I am doing a flying shot, I have to arch my back over a chair so that, when the picture is turned around, it looks like I am flying upwards.
The ball position moves back in your stance On an upslope, you usually get a higher flying shot which travels a shorter distance.