Fog belt

1.A region of the ocean where fogs are of marked frequency, as near the coast of Newfoundland.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And while some areas will simply get hotter, coastal areas may see another phenomenon: "The fog belt may be denser near the coast, but not extend as far inland."
The California fog belt, which stretches from southern Oregon to California's Monterey County, encompasses the entirety of the coast redwood's range.
Most of the Brussels sprouts grown commercially in the United States originate from northern California's fog belt and other misty, ocean-cooled areas such as Long Island, N.Y.
While that's long been true, the city's been doing a better job of promoting itself as a recreation hub - and of getting the word out that Oakridge gets more sunshine than Eugene-Springfield because it sits above the fog belt. Those traits are attracting people fleeing high real estate prices in California and elsewhere.
You are enveloped in a chilly fog belt. Some mornings you can actually see the fog twisting in fine gray tendrils, clinging to the trees and the oceanside cliffs.
The 668-point champion grows beside a country road near Pescadero, California, about 5 miles from the dwarfing coastal winds but still within the protective fog belt, which promotes rapid growth by reducing water loss.
It is a place where the ocean really exerts its influence at night (cool temps retain valuable acidity), since the grape is planted at altitudes well above the fog belt. Chilly is only a relative term.
Martin Matarrese, parkland resources supervisor, says the main focus of the program is to remove the largest block of eucalyptus, growing in the fog belt along the upper end of Miller park only about a mile from the largest native redwoods.
In California's fog belt, plant near a heat-reflecting wall.
(Avoid old leaves on any of the greens; they're usually tough, and sometimes bitter.) Unless you garden in a fog belt, harvest summer lettuce as described on page 68.
Although such treatment works well in sunny climates, it is not likely to work in California's fog belt or in cloudy regions of the Northwest.