n.1.One who foils or frustrates.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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ADIBS 2019 will showcase luxury yachts, leisure marine equipment and reflect marine market trends from around the world, with an increased spotlight on foiler technology, houseboats and catamarans, which have become widely popular in UAE waters due to their durability, ample space and engine speeds.
MATT Collins, recent foiler of a fascist plot to assassinate a police officer and a second Labour MP, estimates up to 3,000 Far Right extremists are on the rampage in Britain.
ROLAND 500 and ROLAND 700 offset press are equipped with inline cold foil stamping, which is also called as Inline Foiler [6], Offset printing inline cold foil stamping has been extensively applied in printed packages.
Built in the UAE by Enata, the Foiler yacht 'flies' up to 1.5 metres above the water using hydrofoil technology to create a smooth ride at speeds of up to 40 knots.
Enata will also be showcasing its new UAE-built Foiler boat - a flying yacht which promises a super smooth ride on its hydrofoils - to customers and visitors during the event.
"Roedd gennym foiler yn y cwt allan i ferwi tatw moch, ac ym mhen y tatw rhoddi llaeth enwyn a blawd haidd yn gymysg a rhuddion iddo nes y byddai'n pwyso o bymtheg i ddeunaw ugain fel rheol."
In 2013, in recognition of this dilemma, Netflix launched its Spoiler Foiler social media app that, when activated, promises to screen out any social media status updates that may give away plot lines for shows such as Breaking Bad.
Bomb foiler A handheld device can sniff out minuscule amounts of TATP, the explosive favored by the would-be shoe bomber (SN: 12/4/10, p.
Thats somethin Theres Girt to say in that first meetin whats a star An I to say somethin you shouldn have the know of Doan be queer Girt to say so I to tell her of the light that comes shinin an dancin out of nowhere An whos to makin it she to say An I to say theres much to that an maybe no more than old talk of the Mariners Those that say its Willow the Wish wholl be to catchin the light in your eyes an steal it away so you must foiler But whats to foiler in that talk is dark song an savage in deed better the late in comin Well Girts not to likin I stop short here an I to reckon at this so I to tell her the talk I hold to The stars are the light of the Fish caught by we the Mariners left to search for their lost scale through all the dark Artesian
In the 'groundbreakers' category, invasion foiler Jemima Nicolas, Charles Rolls (of Rolls Royce fame) and steam pioneer Richard Trevethick are just outside the top 20.
Vitousek PM, Shearer G, Kohl DH (1989) Foiler [[Delta].sup.15]N natural abundance in Hawaiian rainforest: patterns and possible mechanisms.