a.1.Fusty; musty.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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" She said about her flat: "It stinks of poo and there's this foisty smell like a damp cellar.
"It must have smelled foisty, but they said they didn't remember because they'd had a few drinks at the time.
back and Chalky wallowed in their cuddles and strokes made all the more pleasant by the fact that she now smelt of roses rather than foisty dog.
Ventilation Foisty, damp bathrooms are not appealing and will detract from the room's allure so good ventilation is important.
"Inside the parade of small shops that line one half of the U-shaped arcade, still more youths hang around against a backdrop of pop posters, badges, brightly-coloured clothes, and foisty old antiques.
is a trickster who deceived Aunt Foisty into reviving their slavemaster, Rollins Reed, yet he also helped Jericho escape from slavery.
Here's a selection: sam it up (pick it up), starved (hungry), starving (cold), laking (playing), gip (pain), slarting (raining slightly), mullock (mess), mardy (sulking), to plague (annoy), barmpot (not quite right in the head), foisty (smelling mouldy), blagging (going blackberrying), crozzled (burnt almost to a cinder), fettle (to clean), flags (paving stones), bray (hit).
Plasterwork and fabrics readily absorb this moisture, so once the temperature drops, the humid air condenses leaving a foisty smell in the room.
Clr James Taylor said the roof was leaking and there was damp, mould and a foisty smell which had triggered his mother's asthma.