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A historical region of central Greece north of the Gulf of Corinth. In early times (before 590 bc) it controlled the oracle at Delphi. The region was ultimately conquered by Philip II of Macedon.


(Placename) an ancient district of central Greece, on the Gulf of Corinth: site of the Delphic oracle


(ˈfoʊ sɪs)

an ancient district in central Greece, N of the Gulf of Corinth: site of Delphic oracle.
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Small farming sites and shellfish grounds are also found in the Saronikos Gulf, East Attica, and Sagiada (northwestern Ionian Sea), and isolated efforts to cultivate limited quantities (50-100 t) of bivalve shellfish were reported in the Fokida (Gulf of Corinth), Limnos, and Lesvos islands (Paspatis & Maragoudaki 2005).