Folding boat

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a portable boat made by stretching canvas, etc., over jointed framework, used in campaigning, and by tourists, etc.
- Ham. Nav. Encyc.

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I have a folding boat that works well on small rivers and is easily dragged over portages.
If the traverse of Shetland's largest island, Mainland, had tested my folding bike, then the short paddle to the island of Yell, which involved negotiating a swift current, would certainly test my folding boat. Having taken it out of my rucksack and assembled it on the shore, I folded the bike up as quickly as possible and strapped it in.
Some of the avatars have escaped New York City and are on their way to Africa in Thor's folding boat Skidbladnir.
Each unique Nautiraid folding boat is produced entirely in the western region of France.
To demonstrate the advantages of thermoplastic molding, Quickstep bought a folding boat maker in Australia (Flatout Boats Pty.) and plans to make Twintex panels itself and build boats.
NEAT SOLUTION: Charlotte Cumming's folding boat can be stowed in a garage
PORTA-BOTE Porta-Bote International has unveiled high-performance portable folding boats in the Genesis and Extreme Series of 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-foot models, with hulls weighing in at 49, 59, 69, and 96 pounds, respectively.
Folding boats will set you back $1,300 for an entry-level kayak and up to $4,500 for a topnotch double kayak.