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1. A technical process by which sounds are created or altered for use in a film, video, or other electronically produced work.
2. A person who creates or alters sounds using this process.

[After Jack Foley (1891-1967), pioneering sound effect editor at Universal Studios in the 1930s.]


(ˈfəʊlɪ) or

foley artist

(Film) films the US name for footsteps editor
[C20: named after J.D. Foley (1891-1967), US sound editor]


(ˈfoʊ li)
of or pertaining to motion-picture sound effects produced manually: a Foley artist; the Foley editor.
[after Jack Foley, sound-effect pioneer at Universal Pictures in the 1930s]
References in classic literature ?
This is a story told by the late Benson Foley of San Francisco:
Foley, that I have any longer a claim to your friendship, since Mr.
The Foleys also said they had a positive, second meeting Thursday with Syria's U.N.
Investigators have said they believe Foley is being held by the government near Damascus with one or more Western journalists, but the Foleys said they're less sure about that information now.
The Foleys would not discuss any detail about efforts through the U.S.
Thirty-nine-year-old James Foley was kidnapped in northwest Syria by unknown gunmen on Nov.
When Roy Peacock launched his book in Oldswinford church back in January, he did so standing above the vault where a dozen Foleys lie.
No one epitomises that contribution more than Richard Foley. Over the course of 1644 and 1645 alone, when the first phase of the war was drawing to its close, Foley was supplying thousands of pikeheads - perhaps as many as 10,000 of them - to the royalist cause, together with all kinds of bullets, grenades, cannon, shot and other iron and timber work.
The Foleys own five mares, who are foaled down at Roger O'Callaghan's at Tally-Ho Stud, but do all the prep work themselves aided by Foley's girlfriend Ann, a teacher who helps out during school holidays.
Besides sharing their thoughts on the death of James, or Jim to the family, the Foleys also disclosed that they received an email from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), warning them of the price that the US would pay for air strikes on ISIL targets in Iraq.
New South Wales Labor leader Luke Foley admitted that he had been convicted of drink-driving on two occasions.