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(Placename) a port and resort in SE England, in E Kent. Pop: 45 273 (2001)


(ˈfoʊk stən)

a seaport in E Kent, in SE England, on the Strait of Dover. 43,760.
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When we get to Folkestone, you'll be wanting a supper basket.
At Folkestone he looked everywhere for his friend, but in vain.
You see," Ralph Conyers explained, drawing back for a moment to look at the result of his labours, "this scheme, properly worked out, can keep a channel route such as the Folkestone to Boulogne one, for instance, perfectly safe.
Barkis's box), and told me that Miss Betsey lived near Dover, but whether at Dover itself, at Hythe, Sandgate, or Folkestone, she could not say.
The last of these, at Folkestone Court, in May, was remarkable for the cold-blooded pistolling of the page, who surprised the masked and solitary burglar.
Two of the eleven are filled with Marie van Houtte roses, two with Viscountess Folkestone, two with Laurette Messimy, one with Souvenir de la Malmaison, one with Adam and Devoniensis, two with Persian Yellow and Bicolor, and one big bed behind the sun-dial with three sorts of red roses (seventy-two in all), Duke of Teck, Cheshunt Scarlet, and Prefet de Limburg.
Soon he got up again and stared for a long time it the sinking world below, at white cliffs to the east and flattening marsh to the left, at a minute wide prospect of weald and downland, at dim towns and harbours and rivers and ribbon-like roads, at ships and ships, decks and foreshortened funnels upon the ever-widening sea, and at the great mono-rail bridge that straddled the Channel from Folkestone to Boulogne, until at last, first little wisps and then a veil of filmy cloud hid the prospect from his eyes.
A variety of events will be announced as part of Tell the World, the fourth season of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 FOLKESTONE PREVIEW for the Folkestone Triennial art exhibitions.
Contract notice: Outline and Detailed Design of Infrastructure to achieve extra capacity on the Folkestone UK Terminal.
The Folkestone Digs project is part of the town's triennial arts festival.
A SECOND British racecourse was left teetering on the edge of extinction as Folkestone hosted its last fixture for the foreseeable future yesterday.
THEY call it a temporary closure, but there is a sense of finality among the hundreds of spectators who stream into Folkestone in the hour before racing, turnstile bars clicking round and round as they have done for 114 years now.