n.1.(Metal.) A large copper vessel used for hot amalgamation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Asi, por ejemplo, cuando se trata de poder ejercer como padrino o madrina en el sacramento del bautismo o de la confirmacion se ha de constatar que la persona que accede a dicho encargo este bautizada y confirmada, en cuyo caso, al acudir a la partida de bautismo habria constancia de su apostasia en una nota marginal que le imposibilitaria ejercer dicha fondon. Tambien es importante esta anotacion para aquellos supuestos en los que la persona que ha apostatado en un momento concreto de su vida decide, posteriormente, contraer matrimonio canonico, ya que el acto formal de apostasia le priva de esa posibilidad, que solo podra ejercer cuando obtenga la correspondiente licencia por parte del ordinario del lugar.
(19) Sir Edward Spears, Liaison, 1914: A Narrative of the Great Retreat (Fondon: W.
Pearce-Kelly P, Jones R, Clarke D, Walker C, Atkin P, Cunningham AA (1998) The captive rearing of threatened Orthoptera: a comparison of the conservation potential and practical considerations of two species' breeding programmes at the Zoological Society of Fondon. Journal of Insect Conservation 2: 201-210.
In the genomic era, microsatellite distribution can easily be detected bioinformatically (Fondon and Garner, 2004) and flanking primers designed.
Method Mean absolute error VCDR HCDR ACDR Mittapalli and Kande [28] 0.13 0.12 0.15 Fondon et al.
We know that a small but extremely wealthy global elite can buy immigration access to virtually any country in the world and are welcomed on the basis of their often obscene spending sprees despite elbowing out the middle class, paying little or no taxes and driving up property prices in Fondon, Paris and New York.
Andrew Rose, the Japan specialist at Schroders in Fondon, adds, "People talk about Japan's lost two decades, but it has been going gradually down bit by bit, almost as if we didn't notice-like the frog in the boiling water."
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