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(fɒnˈtæn ə)

a city in S California. 104,124.
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The two favorite studies of my youth were botany and mineralogy, and subsequently, when I learned that the use of simples frequently explained the whole history of a people, and the entire life of individuals in the East, as flowers betoken and symbolize a love affair, I have regretted that I was not a man, that I might have been a Flamel, a Fontana, or a Cabanis."
{143} I imagine the fountain to have been somewhere about where the church of the Madonna di Trapani now stands, and to have been fed with water from what is now called the Fontana Diffali on Mt.
Finally, the exhibition featured the work of three students studying in Abu Dhabi and were mentored by Fontana. They accompanied him on his trips as he recorded the sound installations and then they presented their own interpretation of the city.
Five-time Fontana champion Jimmie Johnson was third at 38.516, followed by fellow California native Kevin Harvick.
Tras concluir Por el bien del Imperio Josep Fontana siguio analizando los acontecimientos de la actualidad a la luz de las conclusiones de aquel exitoso titulo.
Fontana, a four-tower luxurious living project on the Juffair waterfront in Bahrain, said it has started delivering of the freehold apartment title deeds to its customers.
Lucio Fontana (1899-1968), an Italian artist of the post-WWII period, is known for puncturing and slashing his canvases and embedding bits of other materials such as glass and metal.
announced a management shake-up as new Chief Executive Officer Bernard Fontana said the Swiss cement maker may need to further streamline its business in Europe to stem falling demand.
At that time I was very aware that my research into, and desire to reveal, that other side was part of the heritage of Lucio Fontana, the artist who first revealed the hidden underside of the canvas or the paper.
"This is really striking because in studying changes in heart rate variability, we are looking at a measurement that tells us a lot about the way the autonomic nervous system affects the heart," Luigi Fontana, senior author of the study, said.
Bahrain-based Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions, an Islamic mortgage finance provider, has signed a MoU with the developer of Fontana Towers, Juffair to provide Sharia'a-compliant home finance to end users.
Bahrain-based Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions, the Islamic mortgage finance provider recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Developers WLL developers of Fontana Towers, Juffair for providing Shari'ah-compliant home finance to end users.