foo yong

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foo yong

(ˈfuː ˈjɒŋ) ,

foo yoong


foo yung


fu yung

(Cookery) a Chinese dish made of eggs mixed with chicken, crab meat, etc, and cooked like an omelette
[from Chinese fu yung hibiscus]
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The rest of the top 10 most popular dishes include salt and pepper chicken, crispy salt and pepper chicken, Chinese chicken curry, beef and green peppers in a black bean sauce and chicken foo yung.
There is also a wide choice of sweet and sour, bird's nest, seafood, chow mein and egg foo yung dishes.
Nope - egg foo yung. Yes, I fancied a big Chinese omelette, although the Gazette Towers camp was fiercely split over whether I should get chips along with the fried rice and curry sauce.
Typically anglicised Chinese dishes do feature on the menu with spring rolls, foo yung and sweet and crispy shredded beef all making an appearance.
The omelet dish pu yung hai is similar to American egg foo yung, says owner Soentono Jie, but instead of brown gravy, it floats on a sea of sweet-and-sour tomato sauce.
So the next time there's that knock at the door in the run-up to the elections tell whichever Earth promiser that it's not Lords reform or boundary changes we're crying out for, it's someone to go down the shops and get 20 Rothmans and some egg foo yung.
My late cousin Daniel, who kept kosher, along with many other otherwise observant people I have known, happily ate roast pork fried rice and egg foo yung. 'What I can't see won't hurt me,' was Danny's attitude."
And just for fun, reverse your perspective: Rather than speculating on just what the injection of food into a performance might signify (Is there redemption in those armloads of vegetables in Buried Child": Why are Glengarry Glen Ross's wheeler-dealers eating egg foo yung?), think about the inherent theatricality of food--the performative nature of its production and distribution, the drama of its global abundance or lack thereof, the infinitely diverse variations involved in its preparation, presentation and consumption.
Across: 1 Fishing; 5 Grinned; 16 Rooster; 17 Educates; 18 Metronome; 19 Umbra; 20 Lap; 21 Trusted; 22 Theory; 23 Rapport; 25 Relieve; 26 Wacko; 27 Naked; 29 Einstein; 31 Flutter; 33 Fastest; 35 Issue; 37 Maharishi; 39 Lisp; 41 Largest; 44 Notable; 46 Nominal; 48 Estate; 50 Aviator; 51 Interpret; 53 Egg foo yung; 57 Australia; 59 Visionary; 62 Matter; 64 Focus; 65 Tartlet; 67 Earnest; 68 Acclaim; 70 Vacated; 73 Haile; 75 In a jam; 78 Antipathy; 81 Surprises; 83 Viewfinder; 86 Cantonese; 87 Sea dogs; 88 Outing; 91 Astride; 92 Laconic; 94 Cleanse; 96 Fuji; 98 Expensive; 100 Audio; 101 Blatant; 103 Pesters; 106 Age group; 107 Ember; 109 Harsh; 111 Isolate; 113 Arrives; 116 Tinpot; 118 Low cost; 120 Dud; 121 Elder; 122 Extremist; 123 Election; 124 Rickety; 125 Singlet; 126 Cistern;
Chances are some of the restaurant staff will be fluent, too, so mention to your waiter--in Chinese--why you're ordering egg foo yung like a native.
Triple crown (Chinese roast pork, king prawns and chicken with Chinese vegetables - pounds 5)' Four Seasons (Chinese roast pork, roast duck, king prawns, chicken and Chinese vegetables -pounds 5)' chicken chow mein (pounds 4.20)' king prawn foo yung (pounds 4.30).
People were ordering chow mein, curry, foo yung, sweetcorn soup, pies, chips and all the other dishes numbered on the menu above us.