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 (fo͞o′jō′, -chou′)
See Fuzhou.


(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Fuzhou



also Foochow

the capital of Fujian province, in SE China, opposite Taiwan. 1,290,000.
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If there was someone from the Cantonese Guild Hall who could sing Cantonese Opera and someone from the Foochow Guild Hall who could sing Nanyin Music .
Selgin reports that the banking system in the city of Foochow (or Fuzhao) in southeastern China operated under complete laissez faire in the 19th and early 20th centuries, being left alone by the national ruling dynasty.
They turned out to be in four of the commonest language groups, Hakka (or Kheh) being the most numerous, with 12 students, then Foochow (10), Hokkien (5) and Teochew (4).
In 1866 the "Great Tea Race" took place, originating in Foochow China and ending at the London Docks.
Parker played a significant role in the negotiations, which not only provided for commercial access of Americans to the five treaty ports of Canton, Amoy, Foochow, Ningpo, and Shanghai, but also allowed for the building of houses, hospitals, schools, and places of worship by foreigners in each of the ports.
For example, in Sarawak the Hokkien, Teochiu, and Foochow have often been fierce competitors for commercial dominance.
Six years later, it was "Breaking Out of Foochow," a memoir of a visit to Foochow in China's Fujian province as part of a sister-city delegation.
She did one of the fastest runs from China in 1867-8 when she sailed from Foochow (Fuzhou) to London in 92 days.
Los consulados se crearon de forma progresiva, entre ellos: en 1855 los de Canton y Emuy, en 1857 los de Hong Kong; en 1859, los de Shanghai, el cual tendra una importancia posterior decisiva, y el de Foochow.
Spanish (214,355 events) remains the language most often interpreted in the courts, accounting for 94 percent of all reported events, followed by Mandarin (1,792 events), Arabic (1250 events), Vietnamese (863 events), Korean (796 events), Cantonese (745 events), Russian (610 events), French (417 events), and Foochow (409 events).
At its peak, it was reputedly guarded by one million men, Left: Foochow Road (Fuzhou Lu), Shanghai, 1929.