Food shopping

Food shopping   
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The answer to every gourmand's love for global cuisine, the new Foodhall store promises to deliver an international food shopping experience to shoppers.
"MY daughters buy my food shopping every eight days.
Hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne says after a lifetime of excess, he now loves food shopping in Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.
FORMER hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne says his favourite activity now is food shopping in Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.
The lost income is reckoned to be the equivalent of "27 average weekly food shopping trips".
NEW YORK -- Long-standing traditions in food shopping and retailing are giving way to a new order in the way Americans relate to and buy food, according to numerous researchers who tracked grocery industry trends in the past year.
The planning statement said: "Discount stores such as Lidl act as complementary retailers to mainstream food shopping.
NE of the established laws of hunter-gathering (of which there are obviously very many) is that you should never go food shopping on an empty stomach.
San Juan consumers are in for a novel food shopping experience when seafood & meats emporium Plaza Loiza Corp.
I went food shopping and had my two small children with me.

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