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or fu-fu  (fo͞o′fo͞o′)
A thick, doughlike West African food made by boiling and pounding a starchy vegetable such as yam, plantain, or cassava.

[From Twi fufuu, Ewe fufu, Yoruba fùfú, or kindred words in many other languages of West Africa .]
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It was not matoke, foofoo or some nondescript African food.
TITTITTI (Ethiopia), IVIIVI, IWIIWI, IXIXI, IZIZI (Uganda) OBOOBO, OOCOOCOO, DODODO (Gershwin's Oh Kay), FOOFOO (fufu--a kind of dough), GOOGOO (Somalia), OHOOHO, OJOOJO, OKOKOKO (Congo), OOLLOO (Australia), OMOOMO, NOONNOON, POPOPOPO (Maori), QOOQ, ROROROR, SOOSOOS (Gangetic dolphins), TOTTOT (a fruit pigeon of Guam), VOVOV (Denmark), WOOW, XOXXOX, ZOZOZ BUBUBUBUBUBUBU (Dictionary of Jamaican English), UCUUCU, DUDUDU (S.
Mme Effie will be looking in on you, don't stay up late my little Foofoo, I remember her saying such as that.
OrderTrust is running pilot of the service with a couple of large suppliers that it says it cannot name and about half a dozen merchants, including foofoo.
The Allmuseri, an ancient African people whose kingdom once lay between Cape Lopez and the mouth of the Congo River, required any villager who desired to lead them to feed them foofoo and malt-beer every third market, a custom which, according to our elders who never say the thing that is Not, limited Allmuseri rulers to a few generous and gentle men like the good Muslim king Shabaka Malik al Muhammad (1632-1688).
The main foods consumed by these rural children were rice, beans and cassava processed into garri or foofoo.