Foot Guards

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Foot´ Guards`

pl.1.Infantry soldiers belonging to select regiments called the Guards.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And it was reported they were going to shut up all the ports.* The Lord Commissioner being informed of that, sent a party of the foot guards, and took possession of the Netherbow, which is a gate in the middle of the High Street, as Temple Bar between the City of London and the Court.
"Besides that, Peter Nikolaevich, by exchanging into the Guards I shall be in a more prominent position," continued Berg, "and vacancies occur much more frequently in the Foot Guards. Then just think what can be done with two hundred and thirty rubles!
Pocket was at home, and was in a little difficulty, on account of the baby's having been accommodated with a needle-case to keep him quiet during the unaccountable absence(with a relative in the Foot Guards) of Millers.
In a very little time, Barnaby knew that they were a strong detachment of the Foot Guards, having along with them two gentlemen in private clothes, and a small party of Horse; the latter brought up the rear, and were not in number more than six or eight.
Some said with confidence that she had gone down to the docks in male attire, and had become a female sailor; others darkly whispered that she had enlisted as a private in the second regiment of Foot Guards, and had been seen in uniform, and on duty, to wit, leaning on her musket and looking out of a sentry-box in St james's Park, one evening.
Though a tall, hard-favoured, sinewy old woman, who in her youth might have enlisted in the Foot Guards without much fear of discovery, she collapsed before the little keen-eyed crab-like old man.
One is of Ludlow-born Private Sampson Webb, of the 3rd Foot Guards, and comes from the Queen's collection - in 1880 pictures were taken of the five Waterloo survivors at the Chelsea Hospital, and Queen Victoria had asked for a copy.
Four of the five Foot Guards regiments of the Household Division - the Irish Guards, Grenadier Guards, Scots Guards and the Coldstream Guards - marched in the parade wearing their famous bearskins and scarlet tunics.
The JAF Music Band; the Royal Guards Command's Street Liners and Honour Guards Group, including the Foot Guards and Mounted Guards; the 9th Prince Mohammed Mechanised Battalion; the 39th Jafar bin Abi Taleb Mechanised Battalion; the Royal Camels Unit, the Royal Jordanian Air Force, and the Royal Artillery Platoon participated in this year's Flag Parade.
Prior to Confederation one of Canada's oldest regiments (Governor General's Foot Guards) was called the Civil Service Regiment.
Formed as George Monck's Regiment as part of the New Model Army by order of Cromwell, after aiding the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, they were re-formed as Royal Troops in the Lord General's Regiment of Foot Guards.
The Queen inspects her troops of the Household Division, both foot guards and horse guards, and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery.