Foot company

(Mil.) a company of infantry.
- Knight.

See also: Foot

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Outdoor giant Bushnell and him foot Company combined forces to bring you hardcore boots designed for bowhunters who mean business.
Under the tongue-in-cheek name of The Left Foot Company, the group of musicians expressed their adoration for the talented footballer through the medium of a song, "Big Sam (The Great Defender)", which has now been uploaded to website Youtube.
The tour is run by the DC on Foot company (, and our guide, Christopher Rehling, was a real treasure trove of information, who brought the events of the night alive with his animated storytelling and quirky anecdotes.
He has just celebrated six months since the left foot company shoe store opened on Birmingham's Great Western Arcade, Colmore Row.
Matt Joutiskoski, UK managing director of the Left Foot Company, says most adults compromise size for style.