Foot gear

covering for the feet, as stocking, shoes, or boots.
- Milton.

See also: Foot

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"It's a good idea to wear some sort of foot gear at a public pool or locker room," Fullem says.
Startups touted accessories from foot gear for moving through virtual settings to a Teslasuit that let wearers feel what happens in faux environs.
From high heel stilettos to the stylish pump, you will get all the types of foot gear.
I also carry the Innovative new HSS Talon and Crow's Foot gear hooks.
The Snow & Ice Management Association recommends shoppers check weather reports before going out and wear good foot gear for walking in slippery parking lots.
One New Zealand girl who attempted the climb along with me didn't have what she felt was adequate foot gear, and a wide variety of cast-off outdoor wear was available for hire from the Park entrance.
"Avoid slips and falls by wearing proper foot gear, using handrails and avoiding carrying lots of heavy shopping bags.
It also creates foot gear for arthritic and diabetic patients.
In dance, it is likely to reflect the movement possibilities that arise when the body is unimpeded by billowing sleeves, flowing skirts or trousers, or elaborate head and foot gear.
Nike refused to buckle under and, in fact, decided to play hardball (one can assume they were wearing the proper foot gear with especially sharp spikes) in retaliation.
FOOT GEAR: Equally important as the right summer clothes is the perfect summer footwear.
And on a bright morning in October they set off for home - Mowat resplendent in German jack-boots, "the most comfortable foot gear in the world," serge trousers, 8th Army sweater and crimson scarf in lieu of a tie.