Foot hammer

(Mach.) a small tilt hammer moved by a treadle.

See also: Foot

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and FORK AND STRIFE: This patient had piece of cutlery stuck in foot HAMMER HORROR: We've all got fingernails, but not quite like this UNSAFETY PIN: Swallowing sharp objects is not recommended by doctors JAMMED IN: Jar in OAP's back passage was supposed to be a cure for constipation FIGHTS AND It's WRONGS: easier to see how a soldier gets a bullet in the foot, above, than how someone ends up swallowing a spoon and a craft knife blade, left BARBER SHOCK: Horrified docs found a cut-throat razor in this patient's intestine
Simonsen managed to parry the blow but Keane made no mistake following it up with a right foot hammer blow in to the bottom left corner to give Wolves the lead.
With 433lb ft of torque available, a flex of the right foot hammers the Volante down the road with sheer savagery.