Foot level

(Gunnery) a form of level used in giving any proposed angle of elevation to a piece of ordnance.

See also: Foot

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A team of PFA imposed Rs25,000 fine on Dogar Restaurants in DHA Phase-V due to use newspaper and preserved food on foot level. As well as, Rs10,000 fine was imposed each to Sufyan Milk Shop, located at Jora Pull and Madina Ghosia Milk Shop at Zirar Shaheed Road.
Trains to and from the Airport were affected by minor delays of around five minutes at Bank Foot level crossing.
The new TX series has also been fitted with brushes located at foot level on the left and right skirts to let users know if their foot comes into contact with the side walls.
But given that their numbers are limited and the quite upscale trappings they will be set in, their values could push past the Dh3,000 a square foot level, market sources say.
"Brooklyn reached its highest price per square foot level ever for the third quarter in a row, this is mainly due to the lack of supply combined with the aggressive demand to want to buy in Brooklyn," Nadia Bartolucci, a salesperson at Douglas Elliman who specializes in Brooklyn properties told Brokers Weekly.
The 30,000 foot level hosts the core of the jet stream which is where the band of cloud was visible.
Hydrogalvanic bath was done according to following methodology: galvanic current were applied from tree pairs of electrodes (positive at hip area, negative at the tibia and foot level) in tub filled with tap water of 36-370 C temperature for 10-12 min daily with 8-10 procedures for a course
"Just how far we get depends on how long it takes to build and excavate the mud line cellar, and how long it takes to put in the casing and cement from the top hole to the 1,400 foot level."
The company has found that underground sampling of a sublevel driven on the lower Abrigo skarn bed on the 6,400 foot level, in Block 1 at the company's Oracle Ridge Copper Mine, has found 150 feet of mineralisation averaging 2.17 percent copper, 12.59 percent iron and 0.45 oz/ton silver.
Cabin comfort is ensured with Auto air conditioning, with rear knee & foot level AC vents.
On that afternoon of the disaster, men were working at the 165-foot to 175- foot level. Their first warning something was wrong was a sudden gust of warm wind that blew out the carbide gas lamps on the miners' hats or knocked their hats off altogether.
He said that there is shortage of medical facilities in backward and far flung areas and the government is working on war foot level to provide medical facilities to masses at their door steps.