Foot rail

a railroad rail, with a wide flat flange on the lower side.
- Cowper.

See also: Foot

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Bar Servery Equipment: 4 Double Door Behind Bar Bottle Chillers, 7x Single Door Behind Bar Bottle Chillers, Sharp XEA102 Till, 9m Long Brass Foot Rail, 4 x Programmable Cash Registers, Cleanware Glass Washer, DC Glass Washer, Large Qty of Glasses, Wine Fridge, Classic 1 Glass Wash, Solid Teak Top and Front Bar Counter Approx.
Attach the head rail, foot rail and side rails to the inner bed frame.
The threesome created the steampunk draft taps using oversized industrial black piping (also used as the foot rail around the bar).
I said to Albert: "Bet they're real." "Naw," he replied, "but I'll find out." With that he put his leg over the two foot rail round the pool and smacked this little alligator on its snout with the steelcapped heel of his boot.
Originally there were five doors to the pub, each leading to separate and distinct areas such as the lounge, smoke room, public bar etc, some of these doors have been blocked up over the years and the main entrance today is on the corner and leads to a large room with a centrally-situated dark wooden bar with a gleaming brass foot rail around it.
The counter comprises of a panelled front with fluted columns, a solid bar top, brass foot rail and customised post lights.
A handsome dark wood bar with brass foot rail is complemented by antique dining chairs and tables a cut above what you normally find.
THE farmer in his trademark thick tartan shirt-cum-jacket, having offered his friendly nod of acknowledgement, orders his pint of shandy and rests his green Wellington boots on the shiny brass foot rail as he settles down on the bar-stool.
The machine includes ergonomically designed anti-slip steel foot mounts as well as handrail and foot rail to allow easy machine access.
It has a stainless steel top and frame and illuminated panels, and can incorporate all the bells and whistles such as a foot rail, sinks, drip trays and coolers.
Jay handcrafted an oak bar, which has a brass foot rail that came from an Atlanta flea market and once was part of a restaurant's decor.