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n. Abbr. fc or ft-c
A unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface, equal to one lumen per square foot and originally defined with reference to a standardized candle burning at one foot from a given surface.
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(Units) a former unit of illumination, equal to one lumen per square foot or 10.764 lux
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a unit equivalent to the illumination produced by a source of one candle at a distance of one foot and equal to one lumen incident per square foot.
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We would be closer to reality if we always gave a range of lux or footcandles in whole numbers.
As a result, in order to allow seniors to see the full spectrum of color, lighting fixtures with brighter footcandles were incorporated in the design as well as contrasting colors at flooring transitions.
To deliver 80 footcandles (fc) requested by the owner for worksurfaces, a pendant light between benches provides 30 fc and the task light delivers 50 fc of illumination.
“By installing variable dimming high bays, our facility engineers are able to achieve the desired footcandles for a given event by programming the lights to show low, show high, and maximum mode depending on the event.”
Task lighting provides higher light levels in specific areas for food preparation, cooking, reading, sewing, etc., accomplished by using lamps that produce 60-100 footcandles of maintained illumination at desk or counter height.
Note the dramatic variations in light levels in the small sample of offices, ranging from 55 to 115 footcandles (592 to 1238 lux).
Also, the lighting intervention in this facility was more dramatic, rising from five to 25 footcandles, which may help explain why so many of the residents improved."
For security purposes, install a minimum of two footcandles in parking lots, and a minimum of five footcandles in garages and interior stairwells where sunlight seldom enters.
High-angle light from the fixtures now illuminates the ceiling, and provide 75 footcandles of light overall.
Easy to install and maintain, the Sunnex PM Series of lights is equipped with up to 2,600 footcandles of light intensity and 3,100[degrees] K cool temperature.