For the main

for the most part; in the greatest part.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For the main garden, I do not deny, but there should be some fair alleys ranged on both sides, with fruit-trees; and some pretty tufts of fruittrees, and arbors with seats, set in some decent order; but these to be by no means set too thick; but to leave the main garden so as it be not close, but the air open and free.
Al Tamimi & Company, as legal counsel for the main contractor, immediately drafted a request to the DUMC highlighting the following:
Consequently the shifting of the wire from the positive pole of the dry cell for the main dial from its usual binding post to either the check A or check B binding post does not appreciably alter the total resistance in the path of the main-dial current.
The two binding posts for the main galvanometer and the ones marked "+Ref.
Inexpensive Christmas tree holders may also be used as stabilizers for the main shaft.
The junction between these two bodies produces a wide-angled corner as a natural main entrance with a revolving door in the north end of the short tract, while the closing angle between the two leaves a convenient void as daylit well for the main staircase, allowing some vertical visual continuity even for those using the well-positioned lifts opposite.
While Joffrey Concert Dancers retains the spirit and style of the main company and is a source of dancers for the main company, it maintains its own repertoire and touring schedule.
If transaction costs play a role in the selection of any financial institution, it is most likely to be the one used for the main checking account.
The high percentage of local institutions for the main checking account suggests that transaction costs may indeed make nonlocal institutions imperfect substitutes for local institutions for at least some financial services.