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A plural of forum.


(ˈfɔr əm, ˈfoʊr əm)

n., pl. fo•rums, fo•ra (ˈfɔr ə, ˈfoʊr ə)
1. the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and place of assembly.
2. a court; tribunal.
a. a meeting place for discussion of matters of public interest or a means through which such discussion can be conducted, as a newspaper.
b. a public meeting or assembly for such discussion.
c. a discussion of a public issue or other serious topic by a select group, as of experts or specialists, esp. a radio or television broadcast for this purpose.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin: marketplace, public place]
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We are very proud to have Foras continued trust and are happy to continue to support them during the digitalisation journey, says Pr Johansson, Head of Financial Services Sweden, at Tieto.
Fora annually manages large volumes of pension and insurance flows.
With the cloud service Tieto Dynamic SAP Landscape, we achieve greater flexibility while ensuring stability, says Christoffer Eile, CIO Fora.
Collectively, the fora make up a part of the forces of global resistance, but in a more concrete way, opinions on resulting strategies and aims diverge concerning the foras' character and function.
Apart from this conflict, supporters and activists expect the WSF and its subsequent local and regional fora to be a new form of resistance, creating awareness of the many forms of domination--and are able, therefore, to make the world move forward, beyond neoliberal and patriarchal interpretations of economy, politics and society.
The social fora could and should be understood as a laboratory: a space, as it is proposed by some of the initiators like Chico Whitaker (e.
The Danish shopping centre operator Foras Holding A/S said on Monday (21 June) that it had signed an agreement with an unnamed party to sell containers held under finance leases for some USD9m.
Foras said that the buyer would not obtain the title to the containers until the balance has been paid, by 30 September 2004.
Foras would receive lease payments of some USD1m from the contracts, which would be deducted from the acquisition price, according to the company.
Danish property investment company FORAS Holding A/S reported today (19 December) preliminary results for the financial year 1 October 2001 to 30 September 2002.
FORAS Holding reported an operating profit of DKK4.
FORAS Holding expected a pre-tax profit of DKK55-70m from the next financial year.