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p. p.1.p. p. of Forbid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They let not to lay theyr money togyder and make a purse amonge them for the pryntyng of an euyll made or euyll translated boke / which thoughe it happe to be forboden and burned yet some be solde ere they be spyed / and eche of them lese but theyr parte / yet I thynke there wyll no prynter lyghtly be so hote to put any byble in prynt at his owne charge / wherof the losse sholde lye hole in his owne necke (12) More had a clear vision of early Reformation printing as both physically and financially perilous, dependent on the making of a joint "purse" to spread the costs and risks across a number of backers.
(28) AElfric: Letter to Wulfsige (13, Fehr 3-4) and First Letter to Wulfstan 86-87 (Fehr 45-46); Old English Penitential III.6: eallunga is forboden on haligum bocum celcon bisceope 7 abbude 7 meessepreoste, pcet hi ncenigne wifmannes neawiste mid him ncebban ("It is forbidden in the holy books for any bishop or abbot or priest to be in the presence of any woman"; Die altenglische Version des Halitgar'schen Bussbuches, ed.