Forced draught

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The ever more stringent focus on efficiency and emission optimisation is at the heart of a major forced draught (FD) process gas burner development from Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd.
When fans are placed at the top of the stack, the flow of air will be in induced draught mode and when placed at the bottom it will be in forced draught mode.
Typical towers used in our region include induced draught counterflow, induced draught crossflow and forced draught cooling towers.
The estate has three withering troughs 40 feet by 4 feet in dimension with forced draught fans which put out 10,000 cubic feet of hot air per minute in each trough.
Lanemark FD (forced draught) burners have been specified as a key element in a large-scale 'rock-and-roll' system--the latest facility to become operational at Etills, who produce a wide range of water storage tanks, vessels and containers for both public and trade markets across Europe.
It offers all the advantages of forced draught design and complies with Health and Safety Commission guidelines.
Three Lanemark Forced Draught (FD) oven heating burner systems have also been specified by George Koch within the painting facilities.
Forced draught burners are mounted at the front of the boiler with heat resistant doors, which can be opened in a matter of minutes to facilitate access to the fireside.
Using natural gas, a 220kW Lanemark FD-E forced draught burner system has now been installed on an existing box oven at the site which handles a range of product designs and materials, from aluminium and steel to copper and brass.